About Us

Our vision at DreamTeam WorkForce is to see every human being thriving at work. Businesses benefit. Customers benefit. Individuals benefit.

For Companies

We can match the surly receptionist to a position within the collections department where she may thrive. We can explain to the IT guy why he would not enjoy management. We identify the opportunities to coach the mid-performing salesperson up to top performance. Studies have shown that leveraging innate strengths rather than trying to 'fix' innate weaknesses is the path to success.

We identify the start doings, stop doings and keep doings of hiring, development and engagement using objective data gleaned from validated assessments and surveys. Our mission is to serve our clients by supplying the key OBJECTIVE information that facilitates, in addition to resumes and interviews, the best hiring and development decisions.

The hiring/development process does not have to be a guessing game. It’s time to apply big data to people. The process is economical, easy and effective. Give us a call.

For Individuals

Your work life is a big portion of your total life. Why not do what you love and enjoy a productive career however YOU define it? We assist students to identify appropriate education or entry-level career opportunities. We produce comprehensive job search strategies for professionals who have experienced outplacement or are simply seeking a new challenge in their work life. We are career coaching experts with a determined focus on helping our clients find their perfect work.