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10 Questions to ask when comparing the products and vendors in the job-fit assessment arena


This week I called an arborist because I noticed some weird-looking substance on a magnolia tree in my yard. He asked me, 'What is it?'. I answered, 'I was hoping you could tell ME!'

Point of story? We cannot be experts at everything,  We reach out to specialists who can streamline the research and options that go into making many of our personal and business decisions.

As it is with employment assessment instruments. How can you know what you don't know? It's critical to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges by narrowing down the various categories of employment assessments (there are several) and noting the features and benefits that are important to your unique organization.

The following 10 questions are not the only ones to be considered when comparing products and vendors in the job-fit assessment arena but they are a good start.

Choosing an assessment instrument should be approached by understanding the desired end results first. What is the organization trying to fix, prevent or accomplish by implementing this process?

  1. The most critically important question to answer is: do you want to measure job-fit for hiring/placing the right individuals in the right positions? Assessments for team-building, coaching, professional development, etc.? Both? The answer to this question determines the category of assessment instrument(s) you should be evaluating. 
  2. Will the assessment process be applied across the board to all employees? Just new hires or existing employees? Particular key position(s) such as sales? Will it be used for coaching, team-building, development, managerial fit? 
  3. Do you want control of your data and administration or are you willing to let your vendor ‘hold’ it? In other words, are you ok with using an outside vendor platform for administration or would you prefer a proprietary one for your organization? If proprietary, are there charges for upgrades, tech support, back-up, etc.?
  4. What is the desired assessment turnaround? Can you wait 24 hours or more for assessment results or prefer results immediately?
  5. Do assessment results require ‘interpretation’ by a coach or psychologist or are they written in business language? Is there an additional charge for interpretation?
  6. How many and what reports are provided with the assessment results? Do additional reports require additional fees?
  7. What is the reliability/validity factors for the instrument? The DOL recommends a minimum of .70 for job fit. How often is the instrument re-validated? 
  8. Is there a technical manual available? A Legal Opinion Letter?
  9. Is benchmarking customizable to the organization or are only national patterns used?
  10. Is extensive training and “qualification” required? If so, is there a charge?

I'm going to hire that arborist. Contact me for more information on how to select an employee assessment system.