Students or Career Changers

Pathfinder Coaching Program

Don’t know what you want to be when you grow-up? We can help!

The PathFinder Program is designed for the individual who is seeking to change careers. It is also intended for students exploring options that will maximize their career goals. This 2-3 hour session focuses on the PXT Select job-fit assessment. We can match results to over 1500 validated jobs from within our job library and apply the information to create a strategy for moving forward to additional education, certifications or simply navigating the current workplace. The program also includes insight into individual values that determine work/life balance and ongoing career satisfaction.  

PathFinder Coaching Program

The PXT Select job-fit assessment is the premier assessment designed to identify the characteristics that psychologists say are hard-wired within us by the time we are 18 years old. The PXT measures cognitive ability, behavioral traits and interests. With this information, we are able to provide information that identifies the best career options for the individual based on his/her hard-wiring. There is no better
instrument on the market for measuring job-fit.

While companies use the PXT Select for hiring/developing for top performance, this same information can be applied to the individual to identify appropriate career options and predict the likelihood of success in upwards of 1500 different careers. This information is critical to selecting a college, technical school or other education opportunities and steering the individual down the path to a life-long succesful career.

Coaching the Reports

Several reports come out of the PXT Select assessment process. Together the reports provide information on job-fit (confirming a good job-fit, identifying areas of challenge or revealing poor job fit). While the reports are written in plain business language, we debrief the information so you can get a deep understanding and apply that information to further your own career or personal development objectives.

The reports that come as part of the process:

  • Individual Report – provides overall feedback on the results of the PXT Select assessment and the related understanding of one’s hard-wiring and how that wiring relates to strengths, interests and behavioral traits.
  • Individual Graph – shows the same information as the Individual Report in a graphic format.
  • Multiple Positions Report – matches individual to any number of jobs within our 1500+ validated job library. Displays a job-match percentage and information for further exploration.